Tri Star Group is a member of ECB?S (European Certification Board of Security Fire & Life safety), and is honored to be the first Asian company with the CEN certification. Our products are designed to the highest levels of quality and are recognized worldwide. They are not only rigorously tested and acknowledged by local certification agencies, but also awarded by international certifications panels. We are proud of having the most UL certifications in Asia. Our ATM safes also have passed the CEN certification by the European VdS.

Tri Star Group has dedicated itself to the research and the successful application of the Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementations Composites for our products-Dutech Series-DT-B01E, listed as the B1 Class, 3C Certification. We are the only company in China to be certified with such classification.

Moreover, our research has been supported by the government and sponsored by the special fund of Jiangsu Achievement Transformation Project in 2008.

  • ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
  • UL, CEN
  • China Compulsory Certification (3C)
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